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Hello Grant:
I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that I just finished reading your book and that I think it's fantastic. It's wise and generous, filled with insight, humor and levelheaded advice. I repeatedly found myself nodding along as I read muttering "How true!" "Exactly!" I know I'll be referring back to your book whenever I need encouragement and guidance in my dating life. Thanks for getting your book out there for all us single guys who really need it!
All the best,

Adam T.
Hi Grant!

I meant to tell you when we spoke - I'm just, literally, a couple pages away from finishing reading your book.. And I have to say THANK YOU. I can certainly tell you that I feel like my eyes have been opened! Opened to not only the many important fundamentals of dating, but most importantly to myself and how I got to understand some aspects of my own actions from my previous relationship. I now can see very clearly some areas in which I'm now committing to improve in order to better present and project myself to others as I open this new chapter! If before I felt ready for the next step, now I definitely feel genuinely prepared as well.

I am truly grateful to you for writing something that, for guys like me who are definitely not experts or experienced at all with dating, will
definitely help us tremendously. I am super excited in expanding my circle of friends and perhaps finding a partner along the way, with ManMate!

My most sincere thanks again and I'll keep you posted on my progress!!

Yours truly,
Dear Grant,
Hi! Recently I bought your book, The 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men. I just moved to Charleston, SC from Seattle, WA to be with my sister and since moving here I have decided to try something different....DATING! Back in Seattle I hooked up a lot and yet would still wonder why I had never had a boyfriend. I've been out my whole life, and still have never had anything more than hookups and one nighters. Before I started reading your book, I thought of myself as a realist, which I'm sure you hear a lot of. I'm also sure that most people say that as a cop out for being pessimistic about dating and such. At times I can and could be that way. The chapters in which you deal with self sabotage have helped me to go into the dating world with a one date at a time and try to be open minded to things mindset. I'm not looking to settle down per se, but if I met the right guy, then I would be down with that.

Thank you again for writing your book - so far it has been a huge help!
Joshua S.
Hello Grant,

I have finished reading your book here on my vacation in San Francisco.
It was quite insightful and it refreshed my perspective on the dating
scene. I especially found the reminders regarding the do's an dont's
on a first date helpful. It has been nearly 14 years since I have been
on an actual date so I need these tips.

So many of the characters described in your book I have encountered
myself or have friends just like them. I had to pause and smile
broadly when these stories hit home. There are a lot of clueless men
out there that need your help. The character I was drawn to most is
Lou of the 'Broken Wing Syndrome'. There was a time in my life where I
felt emotionally damaged on a permanent basis from that experience 6
years, 6 months, and 11 days ago. I would yearn for someone just like
Lou because I beleived my partner at the time was not like him.

I am in a much better place now emotionally and look forward (very
eagerly) to experiencing your matchmaking abilities. I think my most
daunting challenge is overcoming my need to be pursued. In each of my
previous relationships my partner pursued me. I've always derived a
sense security and advantage when the other man pursued me.

One more thing, please let Dennis know that he is not the only man in
the world who has been rejected for his stature. A
'GaryGrassIsAlwaysGreener' experience has happened to me before, twice.

All the best . . . . Stacey
September 12, 2009

Dear Grant,

I want to personally thank you for writing your book The 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men. It has helped me realize my dating pitfalls and reexamine how I approach relationship prospects. I constantly find myself hunting for a boyfriend, so it's tools like your book that can help put me at ease about where I am now on my romantic path and help encourage me to forge ahead. A singer and ballet dancer myself, I admire that you perused your performing dreams in NYC as well as started up a business that has brought joy into the lives of many men.

Looking forward to moving to NYC myself after finishing my master's at the IU Jacob's School of Music. Take care and best wishes to you and your partner Dennis.

Lucas T.